Camomile based on olive oil, Organic – Food & Cosmetic

Quality: Organic

Application: Cosmetics, food

Food + Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: The organic chamomile oil in organic olive oil is a high quality oil and is produced by extracting organic chamomile flowers into organic olive oil.

Special Characteristics: Organic Chamomile Oil has a pale golden yellow color and has the characteristic smell of Chamomile.

Application: Organic chamomile oil is known for its beneficial properties. It relieves tired legs and muscles. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic and analgesic properties, which make it truly irreplaceable. It relieves the itching that is often caused by eczema.

Use: Atofio is usually used on the skin as a massage oil, as a base oil for various mixtures with essential oils, as a facial make-up remover and even as a basic ingredient in Keral Ointments.

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