Kirpitsas Ingredients is a Greek company, based in the Industrial area of Serres, active in the field of raw materials, organic vegetable oils, organic essential oils and vegetable proteins. The products are produced under innovative and strict sanitary standards, through environmentally friendly methods and with a sense of responsibility for the preservation of natural resources and the balance of nature. Kirpitsas Ingredients contributes to the vision of a healthier life, aiming to enrich the market of natural, organic cosmetics and food with its products.

Quality, responsibility, commitment, consistency and good service are the values that set the company’s standard of action.

Κιρπιτσας Κτήριο

In our company, we believe that the best result comes with effort, but primarily through teamwork and thinking! A scent, an image, and even an emotion can be the idea, which will be transformed into matter through the effort and passion of our team.

Meet the Kirpitsas Ingredients team:

We ensure the excellent quality of our raw materials, organic vegetable oils, organic essential oils, and vegetable proteins through regular checks and analyses by external laboratories. Our long-term relationships with our suppliers and frequent inspections are part of our quality policy. With a high sense of responsibility, at Kirpitsas Ingredients we take care not only of the excellent quality of our raw materials but also of our packaging, choosing safe and certified materials.

Natural Oils
After production, natural oils are only filtered! Natural oils are not processed and therefore contain all the substances from the seeds in a high content, which accompanies the fat of the oil. Our natural oils are cold pressed or CO2 extracted.

Cold Pressed
The term “Cold Pressed” means that the oil is extracted under pressure without external heat and then filtered. The oil has not been treated using chemical solvents or deodorized using steam. The term does not specify the exact temperature reached during production. Cold-pressed oils have a limited shelf life and generally should not be heated.

CO2 Extraction

Oils obtained from CO2 are produced by extraction into carbon dioxide. Applying pressure increases the density of carbon dioxide, producing an effective solvent. The moderate temperatures and antioxidant CO2 atmosphere during this natural extraction process place far less stress on the oil than other production methods.

Processed Oils

Often the characteristic taste and smell of the product is not desired or the oil must be free of fatty substances for technical reasons.


Odor removal is an improvement sub-process. Here steam is used to remove unwanted substances such as fragrance and colouring. Deodorized oil is relatively neutral in taste and smell. This technique can also be used on organic oils, as this is not a chemical process.