At Kirpitsas Ingredients we are always looking to offer our customers the best ingredients for personal and professional use. Thus, we aim for all our products to bear the marks of the most reliable organizations and the necessary certifications.

Certification of organic farming products according to the requirements of EU regulation 2018/848.

Certification of organic farming products. The GMCert mark ensures that during the production of the products no chemical pesticides and fertilizers have been used and that the product bearing it is safe for the human body.

The COSMOS brand sets the standard for natural cosmetics in Europe,
using some simple rules governed by the principles of prevention and safety, at all levels of the chain, from the production of raw materials to the circulation of finished products.

The NATRUE brand sets high standards for the naturalness of cosmetic products. Thus, it helps the consumer to identify genuine natural and organic cosmetic products, compared to other products on the market.

The Kosher mark means that the produced product complies with Jewish laws regarding food production. This means that it follows certain specific standards, such as that it does not contain, but has not been in contact with, animal derivatives. It is not a sign that concerns only people who follow this particular faith, but also those who follow a vegetarian diet, watch out for allergens in food, and may also face certain health problems.


Certified by TUV Austria!