Agave Inulin Powder, Organic – Food & Cosmetic

Quality: Organic
Characteristics: Gluten Free, Vegan
Inulin: 90%
Application: Food, Cosmetics
Certifications: GR-BIO-10
Food + Cosmetic Ingredient
Documents: Upon Request

Κωδικός προϊόντος: NWC00011 Κατηγορίες: ,


Description: Organic Inulin is a soluble plant fiber belonging to a group of polysaccharides known as fructans. As a prebiotic, Organic Inulin serves as the “food” for probiotics (“good” bacteria), aiding the digestive system to function more effectively by promoting the growth of friendly bacteria.

Special Characteristics: The structure of Organic Inulin enables it to pass undigested through the mouth and small intestine without being hydrolyzed by various enzymes, reaching the large intestine intact, where it undergoes fermentation by colonic bacteria. This promotes the balance of beneficial bacteria, inhibiting pathogenic organisms and enhancing the balance of intestinal microflora. It also contributes to the smooth functioning of the colon and boosts the body’s immune system. Studies have shown that Organic Inulin has a positive effect on the absorption of calcium and magnesium, while significantly reducing total, LDL cholesterol levels, and triglycerides.


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