Bees Wax

Bees wax

Quality: organic

INCI-name: Cera Alba

Application: Cosmetics

Certifications: COSMOS certified



Description: Honeycomb is a 100% natural product, solid with a characteristic smell and has important beneficial properties for our stomach and body.

Special Characteristics: Honeycomb wax is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, contains antibiotic substances and exhibits a strong immune effect.

Application in cosmetics: This is a product with extremely beneficial properties and has proven to be particularly effective in the treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers. It has rich cosmetic properties and is therefore widely used in a wide variety of cosmetic products. It works against chronic mastitis, eczema, burn and wound healing, dermatitis, folliculitis, skin pimples, caries and gingivitis.

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