Cottonseed Oil Refined – Cosmetic

INCI-name: Gossypium herbaceum Seed Oil

CAS: 8001-29-4

EINECS: 232-280-7

Applications: Cosmetics

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Description: Refined cottonseed oil is a vegetable oil produced from cotton by the method of extraction.

Special Features: Refined vegetable cottonseed oil is a slightly yellowish odorless liquid. It is characterised by the fact that it does not have a strong aroma, unlike other types of vegetable oil. It does not have a distinctive aroma, as it does not have a distinctive smell. It also has anti-aging, healing, soothing and emollient properties.

Applications: Refined cottonseed oil is also known for its high thermal stability, i.e. its ability to withstand high temperatures without deteriorating or releasing harmful compounds. It is intended for cosmetic use.

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