Gingko Glycerin Extract, Organic – Cosmetic

**Botanical name:** Ginkgo Biloba


**Plant part:** Leaf

**CAS:** 90045-36-6

**EINECS:** 289-896-4

**Organic Certified**

**Cosmetic Ingredient**

**Documents:** Available upon request

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**Description:** Organic Ginkgo essential oil is an extract obtained from Ginkgo Biloba leaves using the ultrasonic extraction method in a glycerin base and is derived from the rare leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba tree. The Ginkgo Biloba tree is said to have inhabited the earth for millions of years and is therefore often referred to as a “living fossil.” It disregards all adverse environmental impacts and can live up to 1000 years.

**Special Characteristics:** Organic Ginkgo essential oil is a liquid with a characteristic aroma and color.

**Applications:** The pharmacological effect of organic Ginkgo essential oil has already been studied in many studies, for example, regarding memory performance, arteriosclerosis, or age-related circulatory disorders. In the cosmetics industry, the plant-based active ingredients of organic Ginkgo essential oil can protect the skin from oxidative stress and improve microcirculation and thus tissue nourishment. Due to its valuable ingredients, such as plant acids and flavonoids, it serves as a “radical scavenger,” which is supposed to better oxygenate the skin cells. Organic Ginkgo essential oil can stimulate blood circulation in the skin and increase moisture and elasticity, making the skin radiant and fresh again. Because of its antioxidant action, organic Ginkgo essential oil is said to aid in natural immune defense, allow inflammation to heal faster, and neutralize the formation of wrinkles. In cleansing products, organic Ginkgo essential oil can cleanse and refresh, preparing the skin for optimal absorption of care products such as creams and lotions.

**CAUTION: ALWAYS use diluted in a base oil or other solvent.**

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