Kpangnan Butter – Cosmetic

Quality: Conventional


Application: Cosmetics

Certifications: COSMOS approved / NATRUE approved / Kosher

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Description: Kpangnan butter is produced from the fruits of the plant through pressing and filtering. It is also known by the following names: Golden Sheabutter, Yellow Sheabutter, African butter tree, Painya, Kanga, Akpoto. Kpangnan butter is pronounced as pan-ya.

Special Characteristics: The aroma of Knapgnan Kpangnan butter is mild, dry, and smoky (similar to a blend of cocoa and shea butter). More deeply moisturizing than shea butter, kpangnan also has a warming effect, and its high content of stigmasterol makes it popular for joint and muscle butters. Wild-processed, unrefined kpangnan butter is produced through a time-consuming process from trees in the dense forests and riverbanks of West Africa.

Application: Although not widely known in Greece, Kpangnan butter is used in the cosmetics industry for its moisturizing properties in hair and skin products. Additionally, it serves as an ideal butter for massages and relaxation, relieving strained muscles.

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