Kukui Refined Oil

Botanical Name:

INCI-Ingredients: Aleurites moluccanus Seed Oil


EINECS CAS no.: 8015-80-3

Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Kukui vegetable oil is obtained by cold pressing the fruits of the plant.

Special Features: Kukui vegetable oil is a liquid, light yellow clear color. It consists of unsaturated fatty acids, mainly containing linoleic, linolenic, oleic and palmitic acids. Kukui oil supports cell regeneration, strengthens connective tissue and increases skin elasticity. In addition, due to its high vitamin content, it provides antioxidant properties, protects against free radicals and presents a natural sun protection index that makes it ideal for sunscreen applications.

Applications:Kukui vegetable oil is used in the production of cosmetics as well as in hair care products, as it enhances their care, moisturizes, strengthens and leaves them smooth and soft.

CAUTION: ALWAYS use dissolved in base oil or other solvent.

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