Melissa Oil Officinalis – Cosmetic

**Botanical Name:** Melissa officinalis

**Plant part:** Leaves


**CAS:** 8014-71-9

**EINECS CAS:** 84082-61-1

**EINECS:** 282-007-0

**Manufacturing:** Steam distillation

**Cosmetic Ingredient**

**Documents:** Available upon request

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**Description:** Melissa essential oil is obtained from the leaves of Melissa officinalis through steam distillation. The yield of essential oil from the plant material is 0.01%.

**Special Characteristics:** Melissa essential oil is a yellow to yellowish-green liquid. It has a characteristic fresh aroma accompanied by light floral notes. The essential oil easily dissolves in alcohol (ethanol), vegetable oils, and other essential oils. It is almost insoluble in water. Its main constituents are citral, a mixture of geraniol and neral. In lower concentrations, geraniol, citronellal, citronellol, isopulegol, and linalool are also present. Additionally, rosmarinic acid should be noted as a particularly active constituent.

**Applications:** The components of Melissa essential oil have medicinal properties. Melissa has been known since antiquity and was used for wound healing. In medieval monastic medicine, Melissa was considered a panacea.

In cosmetics, Melissa essential oil is relatively rare due to its high price. It is mainly used in the medical field. Melissa essential oil blends well with grapefruit, chamomile (blue), lavender, blueberry, neroli, rose, geranium, sandalwood, tea tree, and ylang-ylang.

In aromatherapy, Melissa essential oil is used for its calming action as an aroma, bath oil, or ointment.

**CAUTION: Always use diluted in a carrier oil or other solvent.**

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