Mustard Seed Oil Organic, Low Erucic Acid – Food & Cosmetic

Quality: Organic

INCI-name: Brassica Juncea Seed Extract

Application: Cosmetics, food

Certifications: GR-BIO-10 / COSMOS certified 100% bio (organic) / Kosher

Food + Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Organic Mustard oil is produced from the seeds of the Brassica Juncea plant by cold pressing and then filtered.

Special Features: Organic Mustard oil is golden yellow and has a characteristic smell. It contains a high proportion of oleic acid, a balanced proportion of linoleic and linolenic acids and is low in erucic acid.

Cosmetic applications: Organic Mustard oil is mainly used for massage oils and lubricants, as it has a warming and antispasmodic effect. It is also used for ointments and poultices. In hair care, it is used for treatments to stimulate hair and enhance hair growth.

Food Applications: Organic Mustard oil adds a spicy and aromatic flavor to savory dishes such as curries, fish, vegetables and salads and is ideal for dips, mayonnaise or sauces. It is especially popular in Indian cuisine. Organic mustard oil can be heated to high temperatures so it is used for frying and baking.

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