Orange Oil Sweet Italy – Cosmetic

Botanical name: Citrus sinensis

Plant part: Fruit skin


CAS: 8008-57-9

EINECS CAS: 8028-48-6

EINECS: 232-433-8

Manufacturing: Pressing

Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Orange essential oil is obtained from the peel of the fruits of the sweet Valencia orange (Citrus sinensis) through the process of cold pressing. In the outer spongy layers of the peel, there are small areas where the essential oil is stored. The yield of essential oil from the plant mass is between 0.4 and 0.5%.

Special Characteristics: Orange essential oil is a yellow to yellow-brown liquid. It has a fresh fruity aroma, with characteristic citrus notes. The essential oil dissolves easily in alcohol (1:8, ethanol 90%), vegetable oils, and other essential oils. It is almost insoluble in water. The main component with a content of up to 95% is limonene. Myrcene, citral, octanal, and decanal are present in lower concentrations.

Applications in Cosmetics: The ingredients of orange essential oil also have medicinal properties. Recent studies have shown that orange essential oil has strong antiseptic characteristics, making it suitable for antiseptic cleaning of objects. For digestive spasms, loss of appetite, nausea, and general indigestion, orange essential oil can be used as a bath or massage oil due to its antispasmodic and beneficial action in dissolving stomach gases. For inflammatory skin conditions (such as acne), orange essential oil can be used as a bath oil and has anti-inflammatory action. It can also be used as a bath or massage oil to combat cellulite due to its astringent action.

In the cosmetics industry, orange essential oil is added to skincare products against acne-prone and blemished skin. Cellulite products are also often enriched with orange essential oil.

In aromatherapy, orange essential oil is used as an additive in bath and massage oils due to its relaxing action against anxiety and nervousness. The scent of orange essential oil creates a sense of emptiness and leads to deep relaxation.

CAUTION: Always use diluted in a base oil or other solvent.

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