Sandalwood Oil Artificial – Cosmetic

**Botanical name:** Santalum album

**Plant part:** Wood


**Cosmetic Ingredient**

**Documents:** Available upon request.

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**Description:** Synthetic sandalwood oil is obtained from the “heartwood” of the fragmented trunk of the Indian sandalwood tree (Santalum album), which is formed only after 30 years.

**Special Characteristics:** Synthetic sandalwood oil is a clear oil with a color ranging from yellow to brown. It has a subtle, warm-balsamic, earthy scent.

**Applications:** The cosmetics industry uses synthetic sandalwood oil for the care of imperfect and inflamed skin. It is also suitable as a stabilizer in perfumes, as its scent dissipates relatively slowly. Most people perceive the scent of synthetic sandalwood oil as very “masculine,” which is why it is used in most men’s fragrances. Additionally, due to its characteristic scent, it is often found in cosmetics such as body creams, cream soaps, bath foams, deodorants, etc.

In aromatherapy, synthetic sandalwood oil enhances creativity and euphoria, while in the long run, it promotes deep relaxation and satisfaction.



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