SheaButter Nilotica, Organic – Cosmetic

Quality: Organic

INCI–name: Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (Vitellaria Paradoxa Sub. Nilotica)

Application: Cosmetics

Certifications: COSMOS certified 100% bio (organic) / Kosher / certified by Prüfgesellschaft mbH

Documents: Upon Relevant Request

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Description: Nilotica organic Shea butter is produced by crushing Shea nuts that grow exclusively in Uganda and South Sudan. Water is then added to create an emulsion and then this is heated and the fat is separated.

Special Features: Nilotica organic Shea butter is light beige and almost odorless. Contains a high ratio of oleic and stearic acid.

Applications in cosmetics: Nilotica organic Shea butter is particularly soft, malleable and very easy to apply. It has an antioxidant and cytoprotective effect. It is easily absorbed by the skin without becoming greasy and is ideal for the care of dry, chapped and irritated skin. It is used in emulsions and balms as a nutritionally active ingredient and enhancer of the product’s composition.

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