Walnut Oil Cold Pressed, Organic – Food & Cosmetic

Quality: Organic

INCI-name: Juglans Regia Seed Oil

Application: Cosmetics, food

Certifications: GR-BIO-10 / COSMOS certified 100% bio (organic) / Kosher

Food + Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Organic Walnut Oil is produced from the nuts of the walnut by the cold pressing method and then filtered.

Special Features: Organic Walnut Oil is a bright yellow oil with the characteristic taste and smell of walnut. It has a high content of linoleic acid and contains alpha-linolenic acid.

Application in cosmetics: The special fatty acid composition of linoleic and linolenic acid makes organic Coconut Oil a well-tolerated skin oil. Linoleic acid promotes cell metabolism and skin regeneration. It is therefore particularly suitable for dry and chapped skin.

Food application: Aromatic organic Coconut Oil is used as a gourmet oil to add a sophisticated note to salads, vegetables, meat and fish dishes. Desserts and ice cream also get a nutty flavor with its addition.

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