Almond Oil Refined – Food


CAS: 8007-69-0, 90320-37-9

EINECS: 291-063-5

Applications: Food

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Description: For the creation of the decaffeinated Almond oil, the fruits are harvested in autumn. The shells are removed, the kernels are separated, the seeds are removed and dried. The almond seeds are then subjected to the cold pressing process, the oil is separated from the water phase, decanted and filtered. The oil is then subjected to the process of refining.

Specific characteristics: Almond oil is a pale yellow liquid with a neutral aroma.

Application in foodstuffs: Almond oil, especially the refined one, is ideal for cooking, sautéing, salad dressings, baking, smoothies and marinades. It can replace other oils in recipes, adding nutrients such as vitamin E and monounsaturated fatty acids without masking other flavors.

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