Hellycrysum Floral Water, Organic – Food & Cosmetic

Botanical Name: Helichrysum italicum

Plant part: Flowers



EINECS CAS no.: 90045-56-0

Certification: GR-BIO-10

Food & Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Organic Helichrysum Flower Water is obtained through steam distillation, preserving all the beneficial properties of the herb. It comes from the immortelle plant, which primarily grows around the Mediterranean basin.

Special Characteristics: Organic Helichrysum Flower Water is a pure, colorless liquid. It has a strong aroma with intense intoxicating, dry hay, curry, and honey notes.

Applications: Organic Helichrysum Flower Water is known for its soothing, astringent, and rejuvenating properties. It can be used as a skin lotion, as it also reduces redness, dark circles, and bags under the eyes.

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