Rosewater, Organic-Food Grade – Food & Cosmetic

Quality: Organic

INCI-Ingredients: Rosa Damascena Mill. Floral Water

CAS: 90106-38-0

EINECS: 290-260-3

Application: cosmetics, food

Certifications: GR-BIO-10

Food + Cosmetic Ingredient

Documents: Available Upon Request

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Description: Edible (drinkable) organic rose water is a 100% natural product and is produced from the petals of fresh Rosa Damascena flowers collected from May to the end of June. The flower petals then go through the distillation process.

Special Features: Organic rose water is a transparent liquid with the characteristic scent of roses.

Application in Cosmetics: The amount of rose oil in the water is approximately 0.5%. This is the right amount so that its beneficial moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties can be used on all skin types. It also has astringent and toning properties beneficial for combination and oily skin. It is usually used to create facial toners, hair lotions, and body care products, as well as in cleansers and toners for the skin.

Application in Food: Organic rose water is used in beverages, ice creams, jams, cakes, cookies, and many other food products.

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