Linden Floral Water, Organic – Food & Cosmetic

Botanical Name: Tilia europea

Plant part:




Certification: GR-BIO-10

Food & Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Mulberry or philura has been known since ancient times. The distilled essence of philura, or mulberry, is obtained through distillation, preserving a range of its beneficial ingredients.

Special Characteristics: Organic mulberry essence has a clear color and a mild fragrance. Mulberry is characterized for its soothing and calming properties. It is an ideal essence for external skincare as it helps tone and cleanse the skin. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, it reduces irritations and itching while brightening and giving radiance to the skin. Additionally, it is said to relieve irritations and itching of the scalp. By gently massaging it into the scalp with mulberry essence, it is used in the treatment of skin, for eczema, wounds, and psoriasis. Its fragrance soothes the body from stress and depression; it can be sprayed on your pillow to help with insomnia.

Applications: Organic mulberry essence can be used as mentioned above, either topically on the body or face for toning and rejuvenation, or on your bed or some cloth to act therapeutically and soothingly on psychology through inhalation.

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