Laurel Berry Oil Cold Pressed, Organic – Cosmetic

Quality: Organic


CAS: 8007-48-5

Application: Cosmetics

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Description: Organic Laurel Oil Cold pressed is a natural product with multiple beneficial properties for hair, face and body. It comes from the aromatic laurel plant (Laurus nobilis) of the Lauraceae family. The laurel plant came mainly from the Middle East, while today the growing cultivation areas are mainly Italy, Turkey and Greece.

Special Features: Organic Laurel oil is a dark green oil with a characteristic smell. It is rich in natural vitamin E while oleic acid, linoleic acid and lauric acid form the spectrum of its main fatty acids.

Application: Organic Laurel Oil is used as a perfume and fragrance oil as well as an additive in foot care products. It also finds application in the creation of massage oils, creams, shampoos and soaps.

Organic laurel oil is widely known for moisturizing and strengthening the hair and scalp as it is very nutritious, has emollient, moisturizing and antioxidant properties, thus helping with the density and health of the hair and scalp.

Due to its high content of oleic acid and linoleic acid, its application makes the skin shiny and soft and is thus used to treat blemishes and other skin problems. Also, organic laurel oil is used in skin care as, due to its moisturizing properties, it fights dryness and deeply nourishes the skin, ensuring its health and firmness.

Organic laurel oil can also be used as an antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal on the skin due to its antiseptic and antibiotic effects. Its antioxidant properties also help fight against microorganisms that damage the skin and scalp.

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