Olibanum Essential Oil – Cosmetic

Botanical name: Boswellia serrata


CAS: 97952-72-2

EINECS: 308-366-6

Manufacturing: Steam distillation

Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Frankincense essential oil is obtained from the resin of the Indian frankincense tree (Boswellia serrata) through steam distillation. The yield of essential oil from the plant material is between 5 and 10%.

Special Characteristics: Frankincense essential oil is a slightly viscous and yellowish liquid. It has a characteristic woody aroma with a slight citrus note. The essential oil dissolves easily in alcohol (1:6, ethanol 90%), vegetable oils, and other essential oils. It hardly dissolves in water. Its main components are isomeric pinene and limonene. α-Thujene and 1,8-cineole are included in lower concentrations.

Use in the Cosmetic Industry: The cosmetic industry uses frankincense essential oil for its regenerative properties, especially in the care of mature skin. The aromatic oil of olibanum is also used in fragrances and skincare products, such as room fragrances and relaxation baths.

Use in the Food Industry: Frankincense essential oil is generally not used in the preparation of food and beverages.

CAUTION: ALWAYS use diluted in a base oil or other solvent.

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