Styrax Benzoin Siam 55% Alcohol Essential Oil, Organic – Cosmetic

Botanical Name: Styrax tonkinensis Craib ex Hartwich

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Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Organic benzoin essential oil is a resinous substance diluted in ethanol, obtained through extraction with ethanol from the commi of Styrax tonkinensis Craib ex Hartwich.

Specific Characteristics: Organic benzoin essential oil is a liquid with a brown to amber color and has a balsamic aroma with sweet notes of vanilla and ethanol. Styrax exhibits strong antiseptic, healing, and parasitic properties.

Applications: Organic benzoin essential oil is balsamic and soothing for chapped skin, making it an excellent ingredient in creams that protect the hands in cold and humid weather conditions. It is also suitable for skiers.

CAUTION: Always use it diluted in a base oil or other solvent.

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