Thyme Oil Organic – Food & Cosmetic

Botanical name: Thymus vulgaris

Plant part: Leaves


CAS: 8007-46-3

EINECS CAS: 84929-51-1

EINECS: 284-353-7

Manufacturing: Steam distillation

Organic Certified: GR-BIO-10

Food + Cosmetic Ingredient

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Description: Organic Thyme essential oil is obtained from the dried herb of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) through steam distillation. The yield of essential oil from the plant material ranges between 0.4 and 5%.

Special Characteristics: Organic Thyme essential oil is typically a reddish to brown liquid. It has a distinctive, warm, strong, and spicy fragrance. The essential oil easily dissolves in alcohol (1:2 ethanol 80%), vegetable oils, and other essential oils. It is almost insoluble in water. Key components include thymol, carvacrol, limonene, linalool, and isomeric pinene. The red color of the Thyme essential oil is caused by natural copper compounds of thymol and carvacrol phenolic components.

Applications: The components of organic Thyme essential oil also have medicinal properties. Thyme and its preparations have been used since ancient times in treatments and ointments. It was prominently used for respiratory ailments. Organic Thyme essential oil is one of the most significant essential oils in phytotherapy and aromatherapy. Recent studies have shown that organic Thyme essential oil has strong antimicrobial properties and can act as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Particularly in cases of bronchopulmonary infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, colds), it can be used as an ointment, bath oil, and as an additive to massage oil. This effect is attributed to the phenolic components thymol and carvacrol. Organic Thyme essential oil also has strong analgesic properties. Therefore, it can be used as an ointment for rheumatic conditions, arthritis, osteoarthritis, and joint pain. Organic Thyme essential oil can also act as a spasmolytic agent. In the case of muscle spasms and cramps, it can be applied as bath oil or massage oil.

In aromatherapy, organic Thyme essential oil is used for its neurotonic and stimulating properties in neuralgia, general weakness, sleep disorders, and neuro-vegetative dystonia. The application can be done with an aromatic lamp, bath oil, or as an additive to massage oils. Organic Thyme essential oil is used as an aromatic ingredient to achieve spicy and herbal notes in fragrance production. It is also used to cover other unpleasant odors. Additionally, you will find it in Lavender Eau de Colognes and soaps. In oral care products, it is used for the fresh and herbal flavor it imparts. Organic Thyme essential oil is ideal in blends with bergamot, eucalyptus, pine, lavender, marjoram, mandarin, lemon balm, rose, rosemary, tea tree, and lemon.


CAUTION: Always use diluted in a base oil or other solvent.


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